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      "Did you see anything queer last night, Miss?" he asked.

      "What is it?" he asked. "What is the matter, sweetheart?"Now, Larry, Dick said, finally, Mr. Everdail said we could take you into our confidence, and hes probably telling Jeff everything. Suspicious Sandy has a theory all worked out. I suppose Jeff is a double-dyed villain, and this Mr. Everdail will turn out

      Bruce walked home slowly and thoughtfully. The sound of a church clock striking the hour of one came vaguely to his ears. As a matter of fact he was more disturbed by Hetty's disclosures than he cared to admit. Hetty was not in the least given to hallucinations, and, after all, there was something mysterious about Countess Lalage. Still, she was so rich, and she was a favoured guest in some of the best houses.


      Bruce lingered as if loth to depart. The house seemed wonderfully silent. Bruce went down the stairs presently, accompanied by Hetty.


      Buddiesclosern brothers, nodded Jeff.


      Neither for aught that brings